Madi Hearington

Projects & Accomplishments


Red Bull North America

  • Social Media Lead @Redbullnash

  • Wings Team Captain 
  • Shining Stars Class of 2016
  • Extra Wings Team responsibilities
  • Red Bull Doodle Art Activation
  • Developed Tools
  • On-boarding Booklet 

Art & Freelance Design

  • APC YouTube Scrolling Score Videos
  • Website Design 
  • Freelance Artist Design 

Belmont University

  • College of Visual Arts Student Art Show


Tools for Success....

I created these tools to continually enhance the day-to-day tasks, onboarding procedures, and overall efficiencies of the Wings Team 


Guides Wings in the process of making missions to ensure the stops all make sense and will provide a solid outcome.
Designed with FMM to track the number of cans sampled  measured to can goals and number of missions per day.
Designed to track progress in training and onboarding of new Wings to ensure nothing is forgotten or left out
Tracks mission stops and hours spent on supporting sales for each month.

Arrangers Publishing Company YouTube Channel:

Created all video and graphic design content for the channel of more than 20,000 subscribers and 6 million views. 

Web Design for Hearington Homes 

Freelance Design Work

Custom designs for artists and concerts. 


Belmont Student Art Exhibit 2016 

Chosen to have art work displayed from GIF series created to represent the subtle motions of hands that go unrecognized on a daily basis.